Digital struggles

Inspired by Anne-Laure LeCunff, I spent a few hours yesterday trying to get TiddlyWiki to work.  It was one of the things I had on my list to try before the end of the year, because it appeared to be a useful tool to weave together the various strands of reading & notes.

After three hours of frustration though, I gave up. The instructions were well written, but I was clearly either missing something or there was some upgrades from the time the documentation was written. It kept overwriting the credentials to save to Github. I’m sure it was me messing up. The part that got me questioning it’s usefulness was when I thought writing a note meant I had to include a whole bunch of formatting code.

Ah, well. I tried.

For years, I’ve been¬† struggling between a physical notebook and capturing them digitally. Earlier this year, I started using Notion. I learnt a few things about it along the way: using databases as a primary way to keep notes, and some tips too. It’ll do for now.