In the last 48 hours or so, I’ve been fascinated with the variety of decisions that have been made around me (and some that I myself have had to make). They range from the trivial (where the Christmas party is going to be – although some would not consider that a trivial decision at all, going by the arguments about it) to the transformative (restructure of an entire team leaving them headless for a while).

Then there is the corporate mantra of “we will streamline decision-making” or some such variation.  The dawning realisation that the way decisions are made around the place is no longer towards a strategy (which itself has been rendered meaningless in the context in which it operates) forces a wholesale communication barrage about “making better decisions”.

How are decisions really made in organisations? For that matter, how are decisions arrived at in the team in which I work in? How do I help make them? Keeping a log of these in the new year will be a useful way of learning. (Not this side of Christmas, I need to figure out how to organise this Christmas party :D)