It’s easy to be a practised cynic. – Jim Rohn

The realisation that cynicism is also a choice has been a liberating one. Yet, that doesn’t mean that I don’t get cynical at times. Some recent experiences have earned my cynicism, but it’s a heavy burden to bear.

I’m truly grateful that every time such a feeling comes over me, inspiration is always around if I am observant. Two colleagues gave me healthy doses of inspiration with their stories today. Both couldn’t have come from more different circumstances. Both couldn’t have had more different challenges. And both inspired me to change perspective and had me in tears with their stories. Took moments, not hours.

Arthur Brooks was on Dan Pink’s Pinkcast, and his provocation to find ‘real’ friends vs ‘deal’ friends gave me pause. Thinking about it, I have so many “useless” friends. I am indeed blessed.