Cult or Culture?

I accidentally discovered and listened to Titus Winters splendid talk at the Association for Computing Machinery (moderated by Hyrum Wright). It led me to the book they’ve co-authored (& available to read freely online), in particular, the chapters on Culture, written by Brian Fitzpatrick.

From my experience and close observations of this “culture” thing, I’ve begun to recognise the chasm that exists between leaders who believe their organisations have the culture, and the engineers who are employed who believe it’s just another job. So what does Google (as a tech company) do that is not just a $’s thing? After all, not everyone has the $$’s and deep pockets that G has.

I’m not going to attempt my synthesis of Part II: Culture¬† in this post – it’s a reminder to self to do so.¬† (my excuse: a long day trip to the Powerhouse Museum has left me with much inspiration but little energy to continue writing as the clock nears midnight!)