Dan Olson’s counterpoint/takedown/rant
about NFT’s goes on for 2 hours. In an exhaustively researched video, he paints his narrative about why he feels so viscerally about Web3.0/Crypto/NFT and everything it represents. I procrastinated on my taxes project this afternoon, and watched it this evening.

What that did, besides give a very strong counterpoint to the optimism about decentralisation that I am exposed to every day, was also make me think about what really drives me and makes me feel at my strongest. While technology can make connections easier, it still requires human intuition about what can connect, and then – more importantly – making those connections happen. Connecting ideas/people/things is what I love doing without too much effort (or it seems like that), and I’m never tired of doing that either.

Configurations and combinations – that’s what I love thinking, doing and spending time on. With a couple (or more) other talents that I am average at, I combine and configure that strength to help people succeed. And that is satisfaction enough.

Riff on Enough tomorrow. I feel it’s important enough to reflect only for a while.