Comparing read_csv with spark_read_csv

Reading in a csv file into R using dplyr’s `read_csv()` function is so simple. The syntax & parameters of dplyr are fairly easy to remember, once you’ve done it a few times.

    col_names = TRUE, 
    col_types = NULL,
    locale = default_locale(),
    na = c(“”, “NA”), 
    quoted_na = TRUE,
    quote = “””, 
    comment = “”, 
    trim_ws = TRUE, 
    skip = 0, n_max = Inf,
    guess_max = min(1000, n_max), 
    progress = show_progress()

I’ve only just started working with big data sets, & was began wondering if what I know about the dplyr syntax can be carried over to sparklyr’s spark_read_csv() function.

While not exactly the same, but if you know one, you can quite easily pick the other. There’s an additional parameter `sc`, aka spark connection, that’s required.

    header = TRUE, # FALSE forces a “V_” prefix
    columns = NULL,
    infer_schema = TRUE, # to infer column data type
    delimiter = “,”, 
    quote = “””, 
    escape = “\”,
    charset = “UTF-8”, 
    null_value = NULL,
    options = list(),
    repartition = 0, # number of partitions to distribute the generated table.
    memory = TRUE, 
    overwrite = TRUE, …

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