Commuting an hour and a half each way sucks. It’s exhausting, energy levels were lowest when I finally reached home. Adapting to this is extended period of absence from home is not easy for the domestic environment either. Why did we do this unthinking commute for years?

Meeting people in person allows some things to progress, and others to slow right down. Being deliberate in how we work, particularly when in the office, is not a choice most people seem willing to do. I observed most people glued to their screens in the office. I don’t quite understand the desire to get everyone into the office – it feels more “cult-ish” than “culture” to me. If the whole team isn’t going to be meeting in person, if the team is scattered across multiple cities, why gather in a central location requiring a 11 hour day for most people?

I’m grateful that I still have the opportunity to continue working from home, with a supportive group of peers. We make things happen without needing us to be physically present, even though it grates on our own selves sometimes.