Community = People

I finally got my act together and created a comms server for a tight-knit group of friends to continue our conversations, despite the tyranny of distance, and no-longer-common workplaces.

The desire to keep conversations and support exists. Trust exists, built and nurtured in the meatverse. The technology now available makes it easy to create these community spaces.

I learnt today that people will freely share their insight, if only someone cares enough to ask. Humor and empathy go a long way. I also learnt today that people will build processes to protect themselves. It works in the short term, until someone sees through the process for what it is. Then they lose credibility.

I’m grateful for a lot of people today. Many brought a smile to my face with their pokes, some others reminded me to breathe.  Just being there was enough with others.

Morning pages went on for longer than I’ve done in a single sitting. There was a lot on my mind when I awoke, and writing things down is already clearing a lot of mental shelfspace. Yoga helps too, as does copious amounts of water.

Walks don’t happen as planned. Cello and drawing basics worked 3 days in a row, though not at planned times. Three days in a row, I’ve spoken to people I want to, and then a few. I’ve helped connect people and ideas. I even got recognised as the Dad Jokes guy in a meeting 🙂