Communities and relationships

# To which communities do you belong?

    • Work

      I’ve created multiple communities – for public speaking, for sharing knowledge, the internal TED talks, for musicians, for bookworms, for sharing dad jokes. I’m dragged into formal communities that I show up because it’s demanded of me. I’ve set up an informal graduate mentoring group that I absolutely enjoy nurturing.

    • Social

      I volunteered at the local radio station for a couple of years & just stepped out of. I help out at the community garden when I can. I’m in several WhatsApp groups that I’m a non-active participant. There’s a tiny social circle that I engage with when I can.

    • Professional

      I’ve got professional accounting qualifications & I continue to renew my memberships in two countries. It’s ironic that neither of them is useful but it provides a social status that apparently is important to cultivate!

    • Personal

      I’ve a personal Board of Directors made up of colleagues. I’ve an informal/intangible BoD that is my collection of books, blog subscriptions. Of late, I’ve begun reaching out to the authors directly, & conversing with them over the Internet. This intimate group of confidantes is the one I most engage with deliberately.