Boys & their toys

Public transport is a great way to get from place to place.

Helps that it is cheaper than driving. And safer. I’m less likely to be involved in a train crash than a motorway incident. Statistically speaking, of course.

An added benefit for me is that I get to see people, places & things en route, some of who, unsuspectingly help  me get from place to place, in my head.

I try to appear disciplined enough to take the same train every day to work.  Most days, I am successful. Sometimes, I appear dishevelled. But I digress.

School holidays are in progress. A break from tedium for the kids. And their teachers.

And a lesson in parenthood for the busy parents.

And a lesson in patience for fellow travellers.

A young Asian father, & his two young sons got on the train today. About 6, & 8, I’d say. The boys were very quiet. Yet, they made their presence known to everyone who was already on the carriage. Oh yeah, they had things in their little hands that had their full attention. The things you play games on, those things. Apparently, these had stuck volume controls. Stuck at maximum. The boys were quiet, their toys were not.

Drew my attention from my book to the little drama unfolding.

The father cajoling the boys to try to reduce the sound accompanying their “games”. Politely pointing out that people were being disturbed. Sure, the boys understood. Of course, their toys couldn’t.

Quite a sight, two little boys, poised over the  identical, little sized gadgets in their little hands, their fingers busy flitting on the screens & buttons. Mindful of nothing else but their reality of games.

Then, from the same seat, came the unmistakable sound of Windows 7 booting up. The father had his tiny netbook on his lap, his fingers busy flitting on the keyboard, providing the lead on the sounds coming from that one row of seats.


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