Being, Doing

It’s day 5 of the holidays.
No structure required or in place.
It also means that there’s nothing I have to tick off a list.

I woke up earlier than I’ve done in the last 4 weeks, to the sounds of rain and birds chirping, and  the sounds snores of the kids sleeping in their rooms.

The hardest thing to do is to switch off from a mode of always on, always doing something to just being. This idea of just being is a struggle for me.
It feels like laziness to me. Just be? What does that even mean?

We went out for a walk on the beach when the rain paused for a bit this evening. My second walk this week, and it was still tiring.

Just as we walked back to our car, the skies parted, and the sun, very briefly, poked a finger or two through the clouds. And into my soul. The promise of brighter days is enough to keep going. I can just be…