Booster-ed!  Unlike the first appointment, this one was all done in about 20 minutes at most, including the 15 minute observation wait. The machinery seemed to be in better working condition despite a distinct lack of nursing presence at the local hospital.

The attending nurse had a wonderful sense of humor too, which made the waiting go by pretty quickly. One particular older gentleman, when asked how he was feeling, replied “Effervescent”.  “I don’t even know how to spell it, let alone know what it means, so you should be good to go”, she said to laughter from the whole room.  A cheerful, fun disposition, despite the gravity of the hospital waiting room, made the entire experience for everyone there a bearable one (or at least that’s how I saw it).

I was also mindful today of how, and who I had conversations with. I always learn much from the people I deliberately have in my inner circle, and the time I get from them all is precious. It was no different today, the first day back at work, along with many a confidential conversation with several people.

The confidence and trust I have earned from those around me is very precious to me, and reminds me of my parents warning to me at age 9 or 10 “If wealth is lost, little is lost. If health is lost, something is lost. If trust is lost, everything is lost”. It also reminded me that I health has not gotten the importance it deserves by that epithet too. The heat and humidity drove us all to the beach for a long walk that both calmed and reinvigorated me, and let me put together an Ikea shelf in my daughter’s room.