Anywhere the Wind Blows

I am truly grateful that I get to live near these parts, get to go on a walk every day with someone I love dearly, and get to do it in the middle of the day too if I choose to.

It was a pretty windy afternoon walk today.  The wind was in our faces, and it was strong enough to whip up small waves over this large body of water. Minutes after I took this picture, the wind changed direction somewhat (how does that happen?) and we walked back home with the wind blowing in our faces again.

My (poor) analogy about some of the things that have been on my mind:
Vision was knowing I had to get home in time for the next meeting. Strategy was knowing I had a couple of paths to get home in the rapidly changing environment. Tactics was holding my cap down and twisting my body to provide as little a surface area as I could against the wind so I could walk briskly.

Reflecting on it, perhaps some of the reasons for my failures have been an inability in the moment to distinguish between strategy and tactics, and forgetting completely about the vision. In other words, just going where the wind blows.

And a reminder when I got back home to stop and appreciate the flowers