All over the shop.

The wind picked up again this evening, carrying pollen everywhere – and with it the sniffles. With the CoVID everywhere, anyone with hayfever symptoms now needs a test to rule CoVID out before getting any treatment, unless of course you carry a stock of management medication.

How do organisations respond to symptoms? Do default habits of its human inhabitants take over? How about in these days of the pandemic, when most executives seem to roll in their own bubble, while those on the frontlines have little hope that the real problem will ever reach the eyes/ears/attention of those execs?  Working from home has probably exacerbated the issue too.

Anne Helen Petersen’s recent newsletter on the subject of the ‘back to the office’ made for an interesting reading today too.

Looks like the problems are all over the shop.

So are opportunities.

PS: And very likely the writing today too, reflecting my current state of mind. I’m okay with it.