A new week

Toastmasters had their World Championships of Public Speaking last week, over a 3-day period. Congratulations to Manoj Vasudevan, who won the third place in 2015, won this time round. I’ve not heard the other speeches, but Vasudevan used the same speech again, with a different title. The same speech on the world stage twice – I’m not sure I agree with the strategy, but clearly the judges thought otherwise. 

The kids have their public speaking finals at school this week. Both are totally stoked (& very rehearsed) with their speeches. I’ll get the chance to see the 11yo deliver hers today.
Struggling with motivation the last few days, & it’s been the lowest I’ve felt in a bit. My threshold for bullshit has sunk to a new low, & plenty of it around lately. Or maybe I’m just noticing it a lot more.
I’ve challenged myself to do some exercise every day, physically & mentally – and it’s slowly starting to bear some effects. Doing the Week 3 homework on the Deep Learning course is quite an intense effort, and certainly having some effect on my motivation clearly. 

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