A little help

I have been procrastinating by looking through my feedreader.  Merely typing that out now was cathartic (even though I will go back to continue reading).

The procrastination has to do with the discomfort of thinking about what the future of work holds. Both at a macro level (“why do we work?”) and at a personal level (“what kind of work do I want to do, and why?”). David Graeber’s article “On Bullshit Jobs” has cropped up in hundreds of conversations.  As a contrast, several recent incidents at work have got me wondering about the gatekeeping class, and their ruthless effectivenes at keeping the status quo – or even strengthening it, leading the steady march towards mediocrity.

I choose to introspect: what impact do I want to have on the world? what change do I want to make happen?  The answers feel like writing with a finger  on a mist-covered mirror.  Apparently clear when being written, and illegible or non-existent when I return a bit later.

Thank heavens for the support of the people around me who continue to keep me honest; who help me see me when I cannot (or will not) see myself; and who give their time generously to let me bounce ideas off them.