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An excerpt

This section of the book is from the “Handbook of Nature Cure Volume One: Nature Cure vs. Medical Science” book, by John L. Fielder.

Less Food Is Required As Man Grows Older

This retrenchment is necessary, nor can it be avoided, since it is impossible for an to live foreve; and as he draws near this end, he is reduced so low as to be no longer able to take any nourishment, unless it be to swallow, and that too with difficulty, the yolk of an egg in the four and twenty hours, and thus end by mere dissolution, without any pain or sickness, as I expect will be my case. This is a blessing of great importance, yet may be expected by all those who lead a sober life, of whatever degree or condition, whether high, or middling, or low; for we are all of the same species, and composed of the same four elements. And, since a long and healthy life ought to be greatly coveted by every man, as I shall presently show, I conclude that every man is bound in duty to exert himself to obtain longevity, and that he cannot promis himself such a blessing without temperance and sobriety.

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