The man who lied to his laptop [Audio Interview]

Clifford Nass, a psychology professor at Stanford University talks to Ira Flatow. Begins thus:

..we’ll be focusing on you and your true love – your smartphone. Think about it. Are you lost without it? Inconsolable if the two of you are separated? Willing to walk into a lamppost rather than look up while texting? Is it the object of your desire? Isn’t it?

..our technology-addicted lifestyle and our nonstop multitasking may be affecting our ability to concentrate, manage our emotions, even think creatively.  

Our ideas of dinosaurs, well for most of us anyways [Article] [Article]

… is based on the work of an exceptionally talented cinematographer by the name of Steven Spielberg. Robert Krulwich of NPR discovers a whole different world of dinosaurs which are documented throughout history and who have been given visual form by a Natural History Illustrator and Paleo-artist by name Julius T. Csotonyi, PhD, of Edmonton, Canada.