# Highlights:

  • A kind colleague giving me a heads up that the “strategy for the next stage of evolution will require a reset of skills”. I saw this coming months ago, and it’s finally coming to pass – not yet formally confirmed of course.
  • Listening to the song we recorded last night
  • A conversation with a contact I made entirely online, and feeling the overwhelming sense of calmness through the conversation. We both helped each other see possibilities in our respective situations.

# Have you experienced the need to switch between specialism and generalism as context dictates?

Nearly every day I find myself switching into a different role at work, sometimes multiple times an hour. The specialist skills aren’t always required at the level of depth, but the awareness of reaching for those skills happens multiple times a day. Being able to scan the horizon, joining (to me obvious) dots, and then following up at a human level requires me to do this all the time. I am richer for the relationships I’ve built over the years. Everyday I learn from the specialists about a niche part of their work, like I did this morning about pattern-matching in Python (specialist). Everyday I learn how to find common things to connect people, and the generalist in me is comfortable doing that.