Health check

Spent two hours at the hospital, learning about spirometry and lung capacity and how to read charts and sampling and adjustments. It was an interesting experience blowing air through a mouthpiece, almost a full workout. The tests seemed to have ruled out upper respiratory infection at the present moment anyway, and a follow up appointment with the specialist should confirm next steps.

Keeping track of food intake – when I eat, how many times through the day, the choices of food, the emotion I feel when craving food, the emotion after eating. Paper and pen will work just fine.

The havoc wreaked by the storms is very visible on the beaches.  Volunteers and council are doing their best to tidy them up, and there’s still an awful lot of detritus – and mammoth logs – washed up.  The frothy surf makes the water hard to swim in too – and in due course will tidy itself up too, I suppose.