Meeting Madness

It was a beautiful day.  A few people on the beach – if not in this frame. A gentle breeze. Perfect temperature. An hour long walk on the beach, feet sinking in the damp sand. Occasionally the surf racing quickly and getting feet wet. Better than a walk in the park. The weather stayed pretty awesome nearly all afternoon.


A meeting I was in today went from a useful discussion on practical things to a verbal car crash. I’m not sure my life – or anyone else’s for that matter – is better off because of that discussion. It required a follow up conversation to clear things up which didn’t necessarily do that, which meant that was a waste of time too.

“How to avoid meetings” must be a subject for all students. Even better, “How to have effective – or no – meetings” could be a subject. I suspect it will save time, energy, frustration, and quite some hair.


Much better in meeting with nature.