2024-03-10 Links

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything as worth reading. It’s simply because I’ve not read anything, let alone anything worth sharing. My 120 day series of projects are going, well, well 😊

I probably should share some of the fun stories from my bus driving experiment – like the time I had a busload of kindergarten students believe they were being kidnapped, or getting myself stuck in a roundabout with no room to move in a 12.5m box. There’s a long list of now-fun-but-not-when-I-went-through-the-experience stories I will need to compile in due course, but not just yet.

The last couple of days though I’ve gotten back to my NetNewsWire reader, and started to read/skim through posts that caught my attention. Here’s a small smattering of them, in no particular order.

Daily Reads:

Chuck Carroll: When People Asked If I Was ‘Okay’ on the slow and deliberate process of giving up his social media accounts.

Seth Godin has an idea about how AI ought to answer questions that it is not confident in the answer with "I’m not sure, do you want me to guess?"

Some journalists/writers take angles to covering a story that takes your breath away. This one byJimmy Breslin on a gravedigger is one such.