2024-01-19 Links

Daily Reads:

Listened to Cal Fussman in conversation with Boris Eldegsan on Fake Images and Your Future. Boris was in the news when he turned down the Sony World Photography award sometime last year(?). This was a thoughtful talk I thoroughly enjoyed.

Nicole van der Hoeven is masterful explainer of all things Obsidian (& more). Her prolific videos are a godsend when I’m searching for ways to effectively use the tool, and her narrative style I’ve come to deeply appreciate. I’ve not understood frontmatter and YAML, so took a chance this afternoon to educate myself on this, thanks to nvdh. Then of course I had to go down the themes rabbit hole with her review of AnuPuccin.

Speaking of brilliant explainers:

  • I’ve been working my way through Prof Aswath Damodaran’s Investment Philosophies videos from about a decade ago. Highly recommended reviewing even if you are a seasoned investor, plenty to learn.
  • I’ve also been educating myself on HTML & CSS through Dave Gray’s beginner courses on the topics on the freecodecamp YT channel. I’ve never really dug into CSS (I’m never going to be a front-end developer was my reasoning). The Advanced Slides plugin for Obsidian got me interested in this, and Dave Gray’s explanations kept me interested. Learning is never "done", is it?
  • Throughout last year, my daughter & I worked our way through the Harvard CS50 full Computer Science course with David Malan.


Everyone has a belief system, B.S., the trick is to learn not to take anyone’s B.S. too seriously, especially your own.
– Robert Anton Wilson, novelist


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