2023-12-22 Links

A wretched man-flu continues its hold over me so loads of hydration and YouTube keeping me company for the 3rd day in a row.

Daily Reads:

I was reviewing my journals from Feb 2023, and was reminded of these two podcasts. From the Unforgettable Presentations with Darren LaCroix & Mark Brown: Peter Drury, football commentator and Steve Spangler, STEM educator on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Dr. Petre’s talk at StrangeLoop 2022 as a general indicator of the conversation we had last night.

Daniel Schmachtenberger: An Introduction to the Metacrisis


Being well adjusted to a profoundly insane society is not a good measure of mental health
– J. Krishnamurthi


Blaze Foley in a rare recording of Clay Pigeons. I heard this song first performed by John Prine and loved it instantly:

I’m tired of runnin’ ’round
Lookin’ for answers to questions that I already know
I could build me a castle of memories
Just to have somewhere to go