2023-12-21 Links

Daily Reads:

I’ve been digging around the Indieweb and its protocols. As a non-programmer, I find it easier to learn by checking out what people have done with the idea than to try and implement it myself (and waste a ridiculous amount of time around this time every year).

Aaron Parecki claims that the letter R is a vowel. He wrote a 100 songs in 100 days!

I organised a conversation with Dr. Marian Petre with a few friends this evening. She is the co-author of the 2016 book Software Design Decoded, with empirical research on the distinctive habits of high performing software engineering teams. One of the many resources she mentioned was the book by G. Polya titled "How to Solve it" that Dr. Mary Shaw recommended to her.


Allow friendships to come and go. Don’t cling onto friendships because they are old. Cling on to them because they bring you joy and comfort and laughter.
– Annie Macmanus

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A version of Have You Seen The Rain. This is the inspiration for the idea that Drew & I will pull off before the end of this decade.