2023-12-07 Links

Daily Reads:

Microsoft’s celebration of a year of CoPilot is a marketing copy of course, but also a good recap of how far things have come in just a year.

Listened to the Knowledge Project podcast conversation between Todd Herman and Shane Parrish titled "Unleashing your secret identity". I’ve not yet finished, but it is definitely inspiring and provocative. I was listening to Dr. Gina Poe talk about sleep on a previous episode too, and it was definitely a fascinating conversation too.

Dolly Parton in conversation with the New Yorker I figure people that know me and love me have to love me as I am, doing whatever it is I do. They know that I’m gonna take chances and that I feel like I have a right to be me, whatever it is I may try to do. I wasn’t afraid of that.

Alex Waterhouse Hayward: Mr. Crump – F.W. Woolworth & Co, and my Grandmother

Allie Luzong: Boundaries vs Barriers Boundaries that don’t actively help us show up are barriers. They may have kept you safe in the past, but now are trapping you there. They’ve now likely become barriers separating you from being the version of yourself you want to be.


Heal so you can hear what’s being said without the filter of your wound.
 – Alex Waterhouse Hayward


The National – Crumble featuring Roseanne Cash