2023-12-03 Links

Daily Reads:

Finally caught up on Kevin Kelly in conversation with Shane Parrish on the Knowledge Project (episode aired in May 2023).

I loved Tracy Durnell’s post about Building community out of strangers. I was curious about this "indieweb" concept she mentions there, and discovered that Ben Werdmuller, Jeremy Keith and a bunch of other people are all mentioned in in one place. I’m wondering how I might show the feedreader on my own blog, so expect another technical rabbit hole walk for me in the near future.

Andrew Curry’s Thing Two on his wonderful newsletter Just Two Things took me down memory lane, and into a little side alley that promises more research reading. Kurt Vonnegut’s shapes of stories is one of my most shared links 😄

In Writing as communion, Henrik Karlsson makes this point that somehow resonates with my own experience: Thereis often conflict between the needs of the writer and the needs of the audience. But there can also be mutuality. An audience that is right at one time might be wrong at another.


Everyone takes the limits of their own field of vision to be the limits of the world”.
– Arthur Schopenhauer


Polyphonic sequences -music of the Bibayak Pygmies from Henrik’s post above.