2023-11-25 Links

Daily Reads:

Joan Westenberg: No matter how hard you try, your job will not love you back

I’m glad to see CommonCog evolving and learning in public. The recent announcement is all I’ve had time to read, but it looks very relevant to my next few steps. Learning in Ill-structured domains, with cases as a way of recognising patterns without going to BSchools for the credentials, is a sensible way of learning (and saving money & time both) for many people, including me.

Matt Webb: It takes a while to figure out technology

Where are the godmothers of AI, asks Luba Kassova. Where are they, indeed? Timnit Gebru, Emily Bender, and the other women who spoke up have been scoffed at, laughed about, and generally been treated so poorly.

Two posts by Seth Godin: Generosity and gratitude A gift doesn’t diminish the giver. Sharing creates connection, possibility, and energy. The other, "After the meteorite" asks, now what?

This by Tracy Durnell is inspiring. "Finding enough together"

Paul Ford: A grand unified theory of buying stuff Reading this makes me very uncomfortable because I recognise myself in the category of buying stuff for my stuff. George Carlin will agree from wherever he is.


We have three fundamental ways in which we may deal with surprise:

  • we may suppress it
  • we may ignore it
  • we may adapt to it
    – Steve McCrone


Mozart vs Beethoven, the Masters of Classical Music