2023-11-17 Links

Daily Reads:

I’m claiming blog bankruptcy again this week. Physical books take precedence. I didn’t get home until early this morning, driving through a torrential storm took far longer than I expected.

I did watch a fantastic 40 minute video from the treasure that is Julian Treasure titled Audio Affects. His compelling claim is that audio is an underinvested marketing tool. His examples speak (pun intended) for themselves. Julian’s TED talk titled How to Speak So People Want To Listen is one of my favourite talks of all time. And come to think of it, TED has its own ‘earcon’ along with its ‘icon’.

Henrik Karlsson: Notes on energy and intelligence becoming cheaper The possibilities – or dystopia – that could be when renewables becomes the dominant, economic source of energy across the world (it already is happening) and AI is accessible to everyone! HK sees parallels to, and takes solace in, CS Lewis’ remarks about the atomic bomb. Great read.


Through others, we become ourselves.
– Lev Vygotsky, psychologist


Ricardo Buzzurro performs Indifference waltz. A different feeling with this one.