2023-10-25 Links

Daily Reads:

  • “Name three things your work must always do, and three things it must never do.” I love this idea so much. Also the idea that I can change my mind, but I need to know why. – from Rob Walker’s blog post.

A goldmine of ideas and links from JP Castlin. Plenty of reading material there.

Memorial benches around the world. I find these aplenty on my walks – why not add to them? And the site is from Terence Eden (& Elizabeth Eden) who’s blog I follow.

Shoutout to people whose kindness isn’t a strategy but a way of life.

Roger Martin: Tackling Mysteries

Seth Godin: Late Stage Technocrats

Ben Werdmuller has a great example of using his blog to attract the people he wants to work with. I also loved this post about maps not being the territory in a novel way: I like my GPS. I use it pretty much every time I drive. But it’s not going to make the final decision about which way I go. I appreciate using AI software agents as a way to check my work or recommend changes. I like it when software tells me I’ve made a spelling mistake or added an errant comma. I do not, under any circumstances, want them running our lives.


“The longer I live, the more deeply I learn that love — whether we call it friendship or family or romance — is the work of mirroring and magnifying each other’s light.’ – James Baldwin


Talking Heads – Live in Rome 1980