2023-10-23 Links

Daily Reads:

I chose to spend the day reading Michael Bungay-Stanier’s "How to Work With Almost Anyone" at the library this morning. I’ve made some hasty notes to get the 5 questions to help have what MBS calls the Keystone Conversations. The quote of the day is from MBS, a quote that resonated really strongly.

Mid-way through listening to Matt Mochary on the Grit podcast, on my walk home from the library. The question that the Joubin asked Matt about dinner conversations took a vulnerable turn, with Matt sharing the story of his grandfather. Got me thinking about my own ‘dinner’ conversations that have had significant impact on the way I see the world.


Some people have bought out the best in me, while some have managed (temporarily, thank goodness) to crush my spirit, soul, resolve, and confidence. I’ve also done those things to others.
– Michael Bungay-Stanier


Haven’t heard Gretchen Peters Guadalupe in a while.