2023-10-15 Links

I began the practice a few weeks ago of writing a thousand words or so before I begin consuming content. I’ve been mostly successful at doing that – quality of that writing is entirely questionable – but the feeling of being able to put something out on paper that lives in my thoughts has been liberating.

Daily Reads:

Gaping Void: How to create an unstoppable movement

Andrew Curry kindly shared some of his facilitation resources with me. His co-authored paper (with Anthony Hodgson) is an adaptation of the Three Horizons paper from the Alchemy of Growth. Seeing in multiple horizons: Connecting Futures to Vision and Strategy His notes on workshops are here while the visual facilitation guide from h3Uni is another helpful resource. All bookmarked for use.

Jason Fried: Scatter

Lawrence Yeo: Being Poor Vs Feeling Poor What seems like a money question is actually a story question.

Ben Werdmuller articulates much of what I feel in "The Virality of Human Suffering"

Richard Merrick: Dancing With Disorder in his reflections today.


“Silence is one of the most intimate things that two people can share with each other, because it’s having a trust that you’re on the same page.”

– Lex Fridman


Jesse Cook: Bogota by bus