2023-10-13 Links

Daily Reads:

Clair L Evans: Against scale. Evans takes inspiration from Nature’s way of growing without leaving a trail of destruction, while contrasting growth from scalability. HT Jeremy Keith.

Lol’d at some of these Jessica Hagy venn diagrams, When epitaphs are euphemisms

The Cult of Done is the second video from No Boilerplate that I have watched with awe.

Jeremy Connell-Waite turned Ted Sorensen’s speechwriting ideas into a splendid 5 minute video Ted Sorensen talks about inaugural addresses at Brandeis University


Life is just a short walk from the cradle to the grave and it sure behooves us to be kind to one another along the way.
-Alice Childress


Leonard Cohen speaks timeless words in the Anthem: There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. One of my favourite songs.