2023-10-04 Links

Daily Reads:

When no one was looking, he was at his best Marcus Aurelius explained.

Corporate Rebels The 8 Trends I wish they’d called it loose principles rather than trends of progressive teams and businesses.

Lenny Ratchisky has a wonderful podcast, and I love the way he engages with his guests. He also writes a Substack, with occasional guest authors, and this post by Ethan Evans, titled the Magic Loop, may be useful for someone looking to grow rapidly in their careers.

Lenny’s podcast episode with Bob Moesta on the Jobs To Be Done framework is without doubt a favourite. It’s a masterclass in discovery. Some gems I wrote down on my first pass, may make no sense until I explore this in more detail:

Nobody wants to change. So find out why people change. Therein lies the magic!
Unpeel the layers of language – pablum, fantasy, real-reasons. It takes a criminal investigator mindset to find out the real reasons.
When you arrive at the "edge of language" – where people can’t describe the moment of change, find contrasting and even incorrect ways of getting them to speak more.
What will people stop using when they start using your product?
There are no new jobs – how technology delivers the project


The unrestricted competition so commonly advocated does not leave us the survival of the fittest. The unscrupulous succeed best in accumulating wealth.
– Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th US president


This particular episode of Interpretations of Music Lessons for Life Masterclass was a tough one to watch. Ethan DePuy is a talented tenor, and clearly wants the world to know it, and to take him seriously. Yet, Zander shows him that he has a long way to go, and does it in a most beautiful way. He’s written about this episode in his Art of Possibility book too (pg 88) with some editorial changes I suppose.