2023-09-28 Links

Daily Reads:

Seth Godin describes much of my lived corporate experience as The Jenga Situation I trained as a bean counter, and thankfully, learnt how not to be one for the next several years if I was to help build businesses. Unfortunately, I see many of my professional brethren continue to wreak havoc with the "it’s all about the money" perspective – the customer is always forgotten because most have NEVER had to engage directly with one.

Erik Dietrich on Performative content. The best way to create performative content is to a. not know who the content is for, b. not know how it will help them, and c. not knowing what we want them to do after reading it. Damn, it makes me question the value of my own writing in public all these years. I know the content I’ve posted is for myself, I know it helps me to broaden my areas of awareness (and sometimes knowledge). Epiphany: I don’t know what I want me to do after reading it.

LLM’s to find faucets? Drew Breunig using Simon Willison’s Datasette & CLIP tools to do this is an imaginative application of embeddings. Imagination is truly an underrated skill!

This is an interesting question from Anne H Petersen – on Community Roadblocks. Building community is hard, and so we often give up. One of the reasons it’s hard is because of roadblocks – space, time, energy, etc. The question AHP asks her readers to consider: What are my roadblocks? And how might I go about lifting them? as specifically as possible. I’m keen to know what people imagine.

Alvin Chang has created a splendid visualisation about The invisible epidemic At the local community garden where my wife & I volunteer, I joke that we bring the average age down to 70. The reality for most is that they are lonely. It apparently gets worse as people age, but I’m seeing how young people are also lonely even when surrounded by peers.


There is always more goodness in the world than there appears to be, because goodness is of its very nature modest and retiring. -Evelyn Beatrice Hall


Carson McKee & Josh Turner cover Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You