2023-09-23 Links

Daily Reads:

JP Rangaswami on constraints and capacity. Whether in business or in personal life, there’s merit in thinking about constraints and capacity as a way to identify priorities and investing energy.

I before E…

Sam Enright’s Notes on South India made for a fun read. The phrase "low-trust economy" was particularly resonant.

I’ve said before that Ed Brenegar’s writing offers me a vocabulary I didn’t know existed, or that it was accessible to me. This, on "Recovering our Humanity Through Writing and Conversation" is no different, with specific ideas to implement in my own life. Writing groups, explicitly to get other people’s opinions on writing sounds terrifying, yet necessary, despite having a blog here that I’ve maintained for over 13 years now.


Death isn’t in the future. It’s happening now. It’s easy to see death as this thing that lies off in the distant future. It’s a fixed event that happens to us once…at the end. This is literally true but it’s also incorrect. “This is our big mistake,” as Seneca points out, “to think we look forward toward death. Most of death is already gone. Whatever time has passed is owned by death.”
– Ryan Holiday, quoting the Stoics


Carson McKee’s cover of John Prine’s Please Don’t Bury Me I want this played at my funeral.