2023-09-19 Links

Most of my reading today was from the Journals of Anais Nin. Her descriptions of the human frailty, of her relationships with June & Henry Miller, and the destruction they wrought on each other in the creative spirit is breathtaking. All other reading pales in comparison, I think 🙂

Daily Reads:

"Extreme determination on strategy, yoked together with extreme flexibility on the means and timing of action" is how Otto von Bismarck managed to get control of the Prussian Empire. Darius Foroux’s article Strategic Opportunism has a link to the book by Richard Koch titled Unreasonable Success.

Josh Bersin writes about the HR Hackathon that PagerDuty hosted internally. The slides of ideas and a brief overview and winners is here The lessons are worthwhile for anyone considering running an internal hackathon.

A fun story about Douglas Adams’ taken hostage at a hotel to finish writing his book So Long and Thanks For The Fish.


And in the modern economy, think about customers in their social context. If you can move the needle on improving their social experience, you are in line for substantial rewards. – Roger Martin


Bei mir bist du schön-New Orleans Dixielandband