2023-09-13 Links

Daily Reads:

37 Signals have a new product called once.com and their launch copy makes for interesting reading.

Tom Nolles voices aloud what’s been on my mind about "Digital Transformations". I’ve noticed a spate of self-congratulatory posts from people I know claiming success or ‘great progress towards success’. The reality is about as far as the moon is from earth.

More Ben Werdmuller: Who actually makes money (or not) from AI?. I hadn’t heard the term effective accelerationism or e/acc before: Technocapital can usher in the next evolution of consciousness, creating unthinkable next-generation lifeforms and silicon-based awareness.

Adam Mastroianni: Let’s build a fleet and change the world

Cory Doctorow essay in Wired based on his new book: Tech Exceptionalism


Stories surround and penetrate us; they bind us together. – Madeline Ashby


Elle & Toni – The Big Rock Candy Mountain