2023-09-11 Links

I’m continuing my theme of spending time on reading physical books, physical exercise or walks, people I love, writing & practising a song on the guitar. I did it again today.

Daily Reads:

Emma McAleavy hates resumes, and shows how to invest your time in better, more useful things instead.

Sahil Bloom describes the Stanford experiment which almost immediately captivated my attention. I What’s the highest return possible on a $5 investment in 2 hours? (The winning team) realized that the most valuable asset was not the $5 or the 2 hours of time for the challenge, but the presentation time in front of a class of Stanford students. Avoid the distractions, ask fundamental questions, and select the leveraged approach.

An interesting perspective on Why haven’t LLM’s solved NLP already?


I love the way a train of thought leaves the station. Something is said or noticed, and before we know it, off we go. A carriage full of ideas talking to each other, pulled along by the engine of curiosity. – Richard Merrick


The Django song Montagne Saint Genevieve that caught my attention, wanting to play this as well as I can. Still working through it.