2023-09-02 Links

Daily Reads:

The Changing Room Illusion “a phenomenon in which observers are unable to notice changes to the world around them when those changes occur gradually.”

Question to self:

What’s the smallest change you can notice this week?

A splendid tutorial on using hover zoom in PPT

Wynton Marsalis: Music is life

Ed Brenegar: What are networks of relationships, and why are they important?

Josh Bersin posits some interesting use cases for Generative AI in HR His advice to "Fall in love with the problem rather than chase the technology" sounds common-sensical, but my own observations (and experiences) tell me there’s a long way to go.

Seth Godin’s provocation is timely (isn’t it always?) – Are you doing what you said you wanted to do?

Using RSS reader to create joy.

Kathryn Schulz on Why animals don’t get lost. There’s so many things of interest in this article, and not merely about animals and their way finding abilities.

What are stablecoins? and why are they relentlessly rising?

Google’s SynthID to detect fake images.

Noah Smith: More data that the whole world is heading toward negative population growth.


Most bridges remain standing while many strategies collapse. – Steven McCrone