2023-08-31 Links

Daily Reads:

Richard Merrick: Noticing The artisan notices; the half smile, the new shoes, the developing patina, the change in raw materials, the level of laughter in the office, and all the other little things that data doesn’t record.

Bob Moesta often refers to one of his mentors, Dr. Genichi Taguchi’s Robust Design Method. While the core idea focused on improving engineering productivity, the concept can also be effectively used in discovery interviews. If you understand what the levers or the inputs are to a system, we can design an experiment that induces that variation.

Scott Galloway’s post from early 2022 merits another read. Tell me a story
Tools: Turn static SVG’s into interactive images with Flourish

In How to Become Wise, David Cain explains the reasons why meditation can help. What if there was a way you could train your whole mind-body system to gracefully handle the bumpy terrain of everyday life, regardless of what form it took: disappointment, elation, uncertainty, temptation, overexcitement, shame, expectation, tension, and everything in between? Imagine this training allowed you to cruise smoothly over all these familiar contours in a way that felt good, at least more of the time.

Steve Blank’s recent posts on history have been stunning reads. This is no different: Before there was Oppenheimer, there was Vannevar Bush. A document he refers to in this post is what Doug Engelbart credits with getting him interested in changing his life’s course.

Sketchplanations: I had no idea this had a name, or the story behind it! The Droste Effect is derived from a Dutch brand of cocoa powder where the advert was a picture of a nurse carrying a tray with a box of the cocoa powder.

Oh if I could attend these Unhurried Conversations! I recently connected with Johnnie Moore, & in the last fortnight have come across more of his work, like this reference from Gaping Void!

I’ve been drawn irresistibly to the writings of Alex Waterhouse-Hayward who is a photographer and is publicly mourning the death of his wife of 52 years, Rosemary. Death and the lottery

Rohit Krishnan on Rest, and a compilation of some of the comments on that post


Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, power to retell it, to rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts. \ – Salman Rushdie.


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