2023-08-28 Links

Daily Reads:

Geoff Marlow: Mastering Creative Tension _The more powerfully we experience both a) what the future will be like when we achieve our aspiration, and b) our current reality, the greater the creative tension. But, importantly, The emotional tension only exists in my present-day current reality.

Ben Evans: Generative AI and intellectual property

Robin Hanson is eliciting interest in field observations of how often people initiate smiles. I have time, & might do an informal one on my walks.

Rohit K on Rest

Seth Godin: Create Value


At its heart, relevance is about living in the creative tension between evangelizing for the things you care about and listening with interest to what others care about. It’s about radiating the inside out and inviting the outside in. – Nina Simone


Arturo Sandoval – A night in Tunisia