2023-08-24 Links

Daily Reads:

A friend put me on to Haile Selassie and it reminded me of Sr. A who lived in Ethiopia a long time ago. Hadn’t thought of her in forever.

The iMac launch event presentation was not as polished as the current ones, eh?

Stop fetishising mistakes. Not all mistakes are equal says this article

What the JBTD theory teaches us about Nigeria’s generator markets the (product) solution aligns with the priorities and realities of consumers. As explained by Jobs theory, the functional, social, and emotional elements that inform purchase decisions are present in the case of generators in terms of their affordability, availability, and accessibility.

Robin Hanson has an interesting argument: Shrinking economies don’t innovate Once we have entered into a shrinking world economy, we cannot put much hope on tech or innovation solutions. The most likely time to find such solutions is before the decline.
Yes, a shrinking economy could get some advantages from larger levels of prior accumulated capital. But its workforce is also older on average, with more retired folks to support.

Tyler Cowen has a bunch of questions on his mind, but this one in particular stood out for me: 9. When generative AI models become better and smarter, how many more people will be interested in incorporating them into their workflows?  Or will most of this happen through a complete turnover of companies and institutions, happening much more slowly over time?

Always useful to go back to Hans Rosling demonstrating with stats that The World is Getting Better video

Leber on Lucidty. "a lucid person is compelling, perceptive, and aware of life’s meta-games."

Sara Canaday: Go ahead leaders, let yourself off the hook Our current business environment is so intense that leaders today are forgetting they are actually…human.


Things are not asking to be judged by you. Remember, you always have the power to have no opinion. – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Anouar Brahem – C’est Allieurs