2023-07-30 Links

Daily Reads:

  • Anthony Howard: Change is an inside job The question you need to ask yourself is not what can you do for nature, but what can nature do for you?
  • Flux Collective Episode 110 has a section called Success Creates Calluses, a topic of resilience. we learn is that things become resilient a little bit at a time. It is rare that resilient artifacts are made from whole cloth. Instead, they acquire resilience through the passage of time. Resilience emerges from cycles of rupture and repair that leave visible marks: the calluses, scars, dents, and scuffs of use. The very signs that show that a fixed-lifespan product is nearing its end are the ones that tell us that a long-lived item has been able to survive.
  • The symphony of Wikipedia edits Can’t really be called a read – but the idea is fascinating!
  • Gwern’s Internet Search Tips
  • Seth Godin: Products & Processes Often, we use the product we make as a reason to tolerate the process we don’t enjoy.
  • Timothy B Lee & Sean Trott On Understanding LLMs. Their analogies and explanations are excellent.
  • Mutable AI blog: The AI Organisation


An AI organization is an entity that primarily uses AI to manage information flow within the organization and decide on team composition and function. – Mutable.AI


Josh Taylor, Carson McKee & Skylar McKee cover Rhythm Aces’ Third Rate Romance