2023-07-27 Links

Sahil Bloom: How will you live your life? The idea of Resume Virtues and Eulogy Virtues is a great framework way to think about life, as David Brooks writes.

Henrik Karlsson: Good Ideas

Author interview: Gloria Mark: Attention Span

Write with love: Chuck Tingle

Roger Martin: How to Thwart Strategy Masquerades

Quote of the day:

… being exceptionally talented and trained was, in the long run, not enough to do groundbreaking work because they lacked the capacity to go beyond the context they had been raised in. – Henrik Karlsson

This hour long handpan music was my primary choice for today. Two other songs that captivated my attention were Arlo Guthrie’s Alice Restaurant Massacree for the clever lyrics and Mary Gauthier’s Mercy Now (Theres people in power who’ll do anything to keep their crown are words that transform the experience I’m going through into verse)