Urban Bicycling is for Lazy People [Article]

A clever description by James D Schwartz:

I step outside my front door and hop on my bike because I’m too lazy to go downstairs in the parking garage to get the car. I pull my bike up to the front door at my destination because I’m too lazy to drive around looking for a parking spot then having to walk from the car to the building.

The Masters of Time [Article/ Video]

Successful people – whatever be your definition of success – have mastered their time. The quintessence of any time management technique is, ironically, managing not time, but activity. The secret to mastering your time is to systematically focus on importance and suppress urgency. Read this brief article for some simple tips.  And does time bother you? After the serious article, watch one of my favourite philosophers (who for most people is a comedian) give some more tips on how to manage time.


Give a man a fish, & he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, & you feed him for life.

Moving to a coastal, country side town brings with it the time & opportunity to do some interesting activities. Fishing caught our collective family fancy.

Sitting by an idyllic stream/ river/ waterbody, catching as much cool breeze as possible in my (balding) hair, the sounds of birds & water all around, watching the not so infrequent trains rumble over the bridge, angling…the stuff dreams are made of..

For a twosome who’s only knowledge of fishing rods has been movies & TV programmes, we learnt today the the science/ art of lining the rod, baiting a hook, casting the line without tearing any flesh from innocent bystanders (meaning our little daughter),  & not losing our tempers or patience with ourselves & withe each other, we did very well, indeed!  The fish were lucky too – none of them were unfortunate enough to get caught!

& we begin another chapter in our lives.