There’s an adage in my mother tongue, Konkani, that goes something like – the chap who didn’t know to dance says the grounds are uneven. Loosely parallels the sour grapes story.

Events in the last few days brought this to fore several times in my observation of people.  Change is terrifying. There are restrictions that people place on themselves about what they can & can’t do, should & shouldn’t do. One’s defined by their own self-esteem, the other to maintain social appearances.

The cliche that change is the only constant may have been used & abused – but change is most unacceptable to a vast majority of us. Let me give an example – we rarely give any thought to the position in which we sleep – it is a habit-knit part of our life. Or notice yourself when you brush your teeth – try brushing with the other hand instead! Missing your regular train to work. Any of the things we take for granted. Do we adapt? Yes. Are we happy about it? Most certainly not!

How do you embrace change?

Look around us. Nature gives the best example. Isn’t that what we are? Part of nature?

or are we?

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