Vatican’s Exorcist: Yoga Is Satanic

Via Scoop.itRead this stuff?

Loved the comment on this article:   “Let us compare the behavior of practitioners of the two religious practices (if yoga can be classified as religion – it is not) in question here. Catholic Church has practiced genocide against Jews, African and American Natives, suppression of women. It has blessed the conquest of all other cultures and wiped most of them out. It has suppressed science albeit unsuccessfully in the last 3-4 centuries. It has promoted blind faith. There are other items that should not be mentioned in mixed company.    What has yoga done? Breathing exercises! Focusing and controlling the mind. Listening to internal sounds. All this, it is claimed, lead to internal mental peace. There is not a whit of any of the other actions that the Church can be justly convicted for.   If it is Satan’s job to create mayhem on this planet, guess which of these doctrines most resemble him?”

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