How do you turn rubbish into energy? [Video]

This one for the kids – Oslo is one of the greenest cities in the world, with plans to halve its carbon emissions by 2020.  Key to achieving this is the country’s biggest energy recovery facility, the Klemetsrud plant, which generates energy by burning rubbish. At full capacity, the plant will provide all the heat and electricity for Oslo’s schools and heat for 56,000 homes.

Recycling: Can it be wrong, when it feels so right [Discussions]

Prof Michael Munger kicks off the debate with this statement:

Almost everything that’s said about recycling is wrong. At the very least, none of the conventional wisdom is completely true.  

Edward Humes, Melissa Walsh Innes, Steven E Landsburg contribute their thoughts to this discussion too.

Ignored in all this, I think, is the incredibly increase in the desire to consume, for most of the world.