That bank note may be more valuable than you realise [Article]

The serial numbers on bank notes are the fascination of an online community of enthusiasts who will willingly pay an order of magnitude of the note’s face value. Check out this article & pay more attention to the numbers on your bank notes – they may be worth more than you think! Check out for a comprehensive list of wanted numbers..

How to value personal data [Article]

Ctrl-Shift has a very good article that explains why data is the currency that is poised to overshadow money, not for the sellers but for consumers.

A huge amount of data today – the data collected by companies’ web sites, Google search terms, Facebook postings etc – are provided by individuals for free.  If something is ‘free’ does that mean it has no economic value? 

You Can’t See It, But You’ll Be A Different Person In 10 Years [Article]

“No matter how old people are, they seem to believe that who they are today is essentially who they’ll be tomorrow” begins this article from NPR. Research suggests that despite knowing intimately that their personality & values have changed in the past, people continue to underestimate how much they will change in the future. You Can’t See It, But You’ll Be A Different Person In 10 Years.

Shareholder Value Myth [Book Review]

Cornell University law professor Lynn Stout’s new book, The Shareholder Value Myth, examines how the maniacal quest to raise share prices is bad for everyone. Even Jank Welch, who was a proponent has called it “the dumbest idea in the world“. A HBR review of the book here & if  you can read a few chapters for free here